Radio Show

An old tradition is reborn – our Play&Tonic radio show is alive again!

The old series on “” – the Hungarian internet radio since 2009 are now reborn.

New podcasts will be hosted by Luke Bess who is the emblematic figure in the Hungarian nightlife and electronic music culture. He presents cool house and disco style and his mission is to invite many guests DJs from our team and all over the world. In the upcoming shows you can listen exclusively to our future releases and promos from our artists. You will be able to stream the mixes on our socials – SoundCloud, MixCloud, and iTunes. Looking back to the past is a good ideal, also. A lot of from the podcasts will be available too – wonderful mixes from Stamp (Used Disco), Paul Mad, Kenshi, Leslife and from many others famous guest DJs like: Mihail Popoviciu, Hermanez, Luca M, Dirty Culture.
Just… Just play it!

Latest shows

  • Play And Tonic Radio Show 055 by HOT JAM
  • Play and Tonic Radio Show hosted by Luke Bess

Radio Show